We want to help you get home
Throughout the insurance claims process, our goal is to help you, the homeowner, get your home restored back to pre-loss condition or better. We partner with you and your insurance company to ensure you and your family land well.

To begin the insurance claims process, file a claim with your insurance company. If you haven’t yet filed, we recommend this be your first step.  We can advise on what to tell your carrier and what to let them determine on their own.

After your adjuster provides your claim information, we will ask you to execute an agreement designating us as your contractor of choice (only if your carrier accepts the claim). This agreement enables us to work directly with your insurance company on getting the scope of your claim from where it starts (usually incomplete) to where it needs to be (complete). This process is called “supplementation” and “scope verification.” Our team will communicate directly with your insurance provider to help fill in the gaps, and you’ll have a front-row seat for the entire process.

Next, we detail your estimate and provide insight into the scope of your project. We value detail orientation; our jobs depend on it. As our client, you can expect an estimate down to the smallest detail and we will submit this more detailed scope to your insurance company so there are no questions on pricing.

Our team understands the difference between an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy and a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy and will make sure you fully understand your out-of-pocket expense based on which type of policy you have. It is important to know that out-of-pocket costs and deductibles do not increase with a higher estimate*.

Once your insurance company accepts your claim, and we have agreed on any upgrades, we will send over a final scope for your approval to move forward with the work you choose to have performed.

*Unless you have an ACV policy.  We do have strategies in place to minimize your cost increases for ACV policies.


We know that insurance claims can be a long and confusing process; our goal is to provide you with the best solutions possible to get the quality roof you deserve and back into your home quickly. Fill out the form below to get started.
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